Litter tray

We recommend buying the low storage containers from Bunnings. 

Woodfire pellets

We recommend buying the Firetime woodfire pellets from Bunnings and using a few handfuls to layer the bottom. You don't need co cover fully like cat litter as you will also be putting hay on top.

Hay feeder

We recommend using hay feeders so that your bunny always has access to clean and fresh hay 24/7. You can top it up during the day but bunnies are most active at nighttime and should have a back up as don't forget their litter tray is also their toilet... So lets give them another option.

We don't recommend using the material hay feeders as we have known many a bunny to hop into them. We will share some examples below of good homemade hay feeders.

water bowl

We do not recommended using water bottles for rabbits. Please see why  here.

You could support Bluebelle's Bunny Bakery that often helps rescues by buying their stunning water bowls.


It is pivotal for your bunnies well-being to have a place they can hide with two exits. Tunnels are a great and cheap option. You can also use cardboard boxes and make two exits. Easy peasy!

Weighing scale and Temperature monitor

It is so important to weigh your bunny weekly with a good weighing scale. With the one linked, you can easily pop your bunny into their carrier, weight them in the carrier and then minus the carriers weigh. Done! No stress! No need for a vet visit! 

It is also crucial to be aware of the temperature you bunnies room is at. they do not deal with heat well at all and its important you know if its above 22deg so you can use a fan/ air con to bring the temp back down to 18-22deg. Every bunny room should have a good Thermometor.


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