Is your bunny on medication?

That's not a worry at all. Through the rescue work we do, we have an abundance of experience looking after sick rabbits and rabbits recovering from operations. We have rabbits sent here just to recover from their desexing operations.

My own rabbit Walter has had a CT scan, 2 ear surgeries, 2 dental surgeries and 2 abscess surgeries. He has definitely had me trained well.

Vet trips

We take your bunny to their vet appointments if needed while here.

We use Dr Kezia at CareVets Mt Wellington and Dr Olivia at Pet Doctors St Lukes. We use these vets because they are two of only three advanced practitioners in exotics in NZ. We dont use our local vet for convenience, we travel to the best to get your pets the best care if needed.

We have never had to use the emergency, but if we ever do, we would travel to The ARC -Albany. They are the best emergency for rabbits in Auckland.


Meet Shade who had a dental abscess removed and stayed here so his family didn't have to cancel their holiday. We were beyond happy that we could help facilitate that.

You can go to your Bach and leave your bunny at our Bach knowing they're in safe hands.

Pepper getting his medication from the lovely Nikki.


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