Why we only offer rabbit grooming

Rabbit grooming and Guinea pig grooming is completely different for a few reasons. We prefer to focus on the rabbit grooming and leave the guinea pig grooming to the cavy expert - Bridget at Cavies on the coast. 

Please be very careful of where you send your bunnies, please reach out if we are too far and we can recommend.

Bunny grooming at The Bunny Bach

At The Bunny Bach we create a safe and calm environment for your bun(s) in a designated area. Hygiene is a priority here. We groom on a material that can be easily disinfected after each groom with clean blankets added for each rabbit. All rabbits must be vaccinated to get groomed here.

*I do not recommend using a facility that does not ask for vaccination proof, even if its just for grooming. This is putting your rabbits health at risk.

Whilst on a grooming appointment, we will ensure your bun has a full check over, including:

  • Their current weight versus previous weight

  • The condition of their coat, skin, and body

  • Their nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and nails

  • Scent gland

  • Checking their hocks

If something is found that we feel needs attention from a vet, we will let you know. But please note we are not vets. If you are worried about your rabbit, we recommend you take them to a rabbit savvy vet. It’s strongly advised that you check your rabbits on a regular basis at home and monitor their weight weekly. Losing weight is the first indication that something may be wrong with your bun.

Bunny grooming rates

*Fees may vary for rabbits that are badly matted.

Nail clipping                                  $20.00

Long haired groom

One long haired rabbit


Two long haired rabbits


Grooming rates include:

  • Clipping

  • De-matting

  • Nail clipping

  • Body check

  • Scent glands

Short haired groom 

One rabbit

Two rabbits



Grooming rate includes:

  • Brushing

  • Nail clipping

  • Body check

  • Scent glands

If your rabbit needs a hygiene trim around back legs, tail, and groin, it will be an extra $50.00. Severe matting may have an extra charge.

BEFORE                         AFTER

Meet the team

Our people are what's makes us special.

Best practice for long-haired buns

We advise you to give your long-haired bunny 4-8 weekly clippings, depending on their coats.

Meet the team

Our people are what's makes us special.

Best practice for short haired rabbits

We recommend that your rabbit is groomed every 6-8 weeks to keep on top of moulting, nails and scent glands.

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