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Your bunny will love their stay with us just as much as we'll love having them.

When you go away, knowing your pet is being well looked after will give you wonderful peace of mind.

The health and wellbeing of your rabbit is at the heart of what we do at The Bunny Bach.


Did you know rabbits are exotic animals? At The Bunny Bach, we have in-depth knowledge of rabbits: what they need, how they act and what to look out for from a health perspective. 

We have lots of experience with unwell bunnies due to the rescue work we do, should your bunny fall ill while in our care, we will know the early signs.

We only use Dr Kezia Lockhart  at Care Vets Mt Wellington who is one of only three advanced practitioners in exotics in NZ and Dr Olivia who is another of the three advanced practitioners in exotics at Pet Doctors St Lukes  when Kezia is unavailable. The emergency vet we use is The The ARC Albany . We have accounts in all clinics should your bun or guinea pig need a visit. We have chosen these vets based on their expertise and not based on location. We are happy to travel to ensure your bun gets the best care they deserve.


Having a safe place to snuggle, with two exits, is very important for a rabbit to feel secure, which is exactly what they get along with a tunnel and other enrichment in their very own boarding space at The Bunny Bach. We are glad to see that other boarding facilities are following suit with  hidey's that have two exits. We only use plastic hidey's/tunnels and enrichment for hygiene purposes so your bunny or guinea pig has a fully sanitized area to stay in. 


Diet is also very important for rabbits. Eating the correct amount of hay, greens, and pellets, daily, is imperative to the health of your rabbit. As is drinking fresh, clean water. 

We provide hay feeders which means your bunny has 24/7 access to clean and fresh hay in case they eat all their hay in their litter box or from their ground level extra enrichment hay feeder. Keeping in mind, their litter box is also their toilet so ensuring they have another source of clean and fresh hay is of paramount importance. For old or arthritic rabbits, we use low litter trays and ground level hay feeders, we also do this for guinea pigs. 

We also supply a buffet of the recommended amount of bun safe weeds, vegetables, branches, leaves and flowers daily and for our Guinea pigs we supply the same recommended amount for cavies along with an Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C treat to offer the extra Vit C that Guinea Pigs need.


At The Bunny Bach, your bunny will get daily exercise in the Binky Garden, without being compromised by other guests in the Bach.  

No Crates/ Hutches

We don't use crates here at The Bunny Bach. All our enclosures were purpose built with the bunnies and cavies in mind. We also don't have any boarders outside in hutches or eglus because we advocate against these strongly through the rescue work we do. We don't want to be part of a market we don't agree has the bunnies well-being at heart. Please see why Here.

No outdoor enclosures

We have many outdoor bunnies that stay with us and love it. We don't want to have to move them unnecessarily to temporary accommodation for bad weather events, this would only cause them extra stress while being away from home.

We'd love for you to take a look at some of our previous guests in our Binky Garden .

The Bunny Bach rates

Single and double boarding enclosures are available to book!

Please note:

  • There is a minimum charge of 2 nights stay.

  • If your bunny‚Äôs nails are too long, they will be trimmed at an additional cost of $10 to allow your bunny to run without pain and to prevent sore hocks

Off peak rates

Single rabbit

$30 per night (with a minimum charge of 2 nights)

Bonded pair

$40 per night (with a minimum charge of 2 nights)

Peak rates (Dec/Jan/Feb)

Single rabbit

$40 per night (with a minimum charge of 2 nights)

Bonded pair

$50 per night (with a minimum charge of 2 nights)

Drop-off & Collection Rules

Please note that these rules strictly apply to all pets in this application and late collections will incur an additional charge of $40

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:

10:00am - 11:00am reopening again from 3:00pm - 4.00pm

Thursday and Friday:

10:00am - 11:00am reopening again from 4:00pm - 6.00pm

Saturday and Sunday:

9.:30am - 11:00am only

Take a look inside The Bunny Bach

The Binky Garden

Your bunny will love getting daily exercise in The Binky Garden. A safe place for a hop, skip, and a jump or to just contentedly flop out. 

Take a look at at our previous guests having fun here>

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<- These Enclosures are 2.4m long


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