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Jojo Nally

Jojo is the owner and heart of the The Bunny Bach . A lifelong animal lover, she is also the founder of Raining Rabbits Rescue NZ in Botany Downs.

“By helping to rehabilitate, desex, vaccinate, chip and rehome hundreds of lost and abandoned rabbits, I have gained masses of experience regarding what rabbits need and how to keep them happy and healthy. I know what I’m looking out for regarding any health concerns, and I also know when it’s time to get a medical professional’s opinion and do not take any chances.

My love for Rabbits and passion to make a difference really started when I rescued Arthur. Rabbits are my therapy and my heart.

I have four rabbits of my own who live a life of royalty inside with outdoor time too. I'm so proud of their set ups, you will often see me post about them on our Bunny Bach Facebook page.

I treat your rabbits as I’d want my four babies to be treated if I was away. They are loved, cuddled (if they like cuddles), given quality greens and hay and their health, safety and happiness is my top priority.

I know what it’s like to worry when away so I keep in touch with the bun owners the whole time, especially at the start to keep their mind at ease.”

Jade Tristan

Jade is a passionate activist for the rabbits and 2IC for Raining Rabbits Rescue NZ. We are so lucky to have her at The Bunny Bach as well.

Our favourite thing about Jade is how she connects with each and every animal she meets. She is gentle and empathetic and can often be heard baby talking to the rabbits – she can’t help herself.

“My favourite part about working at The Bunny Bach is that I get to spend extra time with the buns giving them love and treats and playing with them in the beautiful binky garden.” - Jade

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