A boarding sanctuary for your bunnies to call a home away from home

We know how important your bunnies are to you...

...that's why we've created a bunny boarding sanctuary in Botany Downs, Howick, for your bunny to stay in while you're away.

Happy bunnies board at The Bunny Bach

Rabbits are at the heart of The Bunny Bach! When your beloved bun boards here, you'll feel at ease knowing they're being well taken care of by our caring, knowledgeable team members. As loving bun owners ourselves, we know just what your rabbit needs and we deliver the expert care to keep them happy, healthy and nourished. Take a look at some of the bunnies we've had the honour of looking after while their humans are away, here>

What our hoppy guests say about us...

Welcome to The Corner Hop

Where all of your rabbits needs can be fulfilled!

Our guests

The health and wellbeing of your rabbit is at the heart of what we do at The Bunny Bach

Did you know rabbits are exotic animals? At The Bunny Bach, we have in-depth knowledge of rabbits: what they need, how they act and what to look out for from a health perspective. 

We have critical care on-site, should your bunny need it while boarding with us, and we use rabbit savvy vet Dr Kezia Lockhart at Care Vets Mt Wellington, if a visit is required.We also use Pet Doctors St Lukes when Kezia is unavailable. The emergency vet we use is The ARC Albany.

Having a safe place to snuggle, with two exits, is very important for a rabbit to feel secure, which is exactly what they get in their very own boarding space at The Bunny Bach.

Diet is also very important for rabbits. Eating the correct amount of hay, greens, and pellets, daily, is imperative to the health of your rabbit. As is drinking fresh, clean water.

At The Bunny Bach, your bunny will get daily exercise in the Binky Garden, without being compromised by other guests in the Bach.  

We'd love for you to take a look at some of our previous guests in our Binky Garden.

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