Who ever said rabbits don't play?

Rabbits are intelligent animals.  Being clever means that rabbits can also become bored. Your rabbit must be constantly stimulated, intellectually, and physically.


Rabbits love to snuffle around and forage for their food like they would in the wild. There are many ways to encourage their natural urge to go foraging. We highly recommend using treats from Forage NZ to encourage foraging with very yummy, natural and healthy treats.

Snuffle mat         Enrichment feeder           Interactive Feeder toy        Stacking cups       Forage Treats


We need to provide lots of different places for rabbits to hide. When rabbits can hide when they want, they feel more confident to explore their environment because they know that they can escape and hide when they feel scared.

Hideys      Tunnels     Snuggle boxes


Digging is a natural instinctive behaviour which encourages muscle movement which is important for their health. We need to give them appropriate ways to be able express this behaviour in  a safe environment.

Rearing up

This is a totally natural behaviour for rabbits. In the wild they wood be rearing up to eat leaves from trees and to investigate their surroundings. It is important for both the rabbit’s physical and emotional health and also increases flexibility and strength.

Last but not least...


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