Petstock and Animates

We want to acknowledge that both Petstock and Animates are doing very well by not having animals in store and are providing good food/ enrichment in store. We support both stores because of this and also commend them for their support to the rescue community.

Be careful of the Pet Shops you support

For many pet shops, it is profit over welfare.

We do not recommend any pet shops that have animals in store for adoption. There is no vetting process for these animals to be adopted. Most of the adoptions are spontaneous because people get wrapped up in the moment of cuteness and fear of missing out. This is not an appropriate way to adopt animals.

Furthermore and more importantly, most of the time the standard of living for these animals is less than satisfactory. Many do not have appropriate food, housing, enrichment and often live in cramped spaces out of the eye of the public. These businesses usually get their animals from backyard breeders that create appalling conditions for animals and create the risk of many diseases, illnesses and deformities.

We believe as an online store...

We believe as an online store, we have an obligation to only sell products that are appropriate for your pets. Animal care is our top priority and because of our extensive knowledge in rabbit care, we believe its also our duty to share our knowledge.

See what's not appropriate below.

What not to buy from pet stores

  1. Pellets - We do not recommend ANY pellets with seeds. Rabbits should not have seeds as they can cause blockages. Guinea pigs and Rabbits have completely different dietary requirements and therefor we recommend staying away from pellets that say they suit both animals.

  2. Wood shavings - Although they have pictures of rabbits on the package they should not be used for rabbits as it can cause respiratory issues. Guinea pigs can use them. 

  3. Hutches/cages - We all know that this is absolutely NOT meeting rabbits housing needs for many reasons including the flooring, height, space and not having two exits to feel safe. Hutches can be ok for Guinea pigs but I much prefer enclosures for rabbits and believe hutches should be totally banned so they can never be misused.

  4. Water bottles - These are ok for Guinea Pigs but again not suitable for rabbits.

  5. Rabbit Harnesses -  This should be self explanatory. Rabbits are prey animals and want to feel free. You may have some that are OK with it because they've used to it from very little but they are often misused and rabbits will be taken for walks by children. There are also huge safety risks of wandering dogs or cats. 

  6. Salt licks - These are not recommended for Rabbits or Guinea pigs as they can cause Kidney damage. 

  7. Flea Treatment  -  There are no rabbit fleas in NZ and although it is possible for them to get fleas this is extremely rare. I have never had to flea a rabbit in our rescue. Mites can happen but this should be confirmed by your exotic vet and Revolution treatment is usually the best course of treatment.


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