Bunny grooming at The Bunny Bach

Whilst on a grooming appointment, Jojo will ensure your bun has a full check over, including:

  • Their current weight versus previous weight (if you have it)

  • The condition of their coat, skin, and body

  • Their nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and nails

  • Private parts – anus, genitals, and scent gland

  • Checking their hocks

If something is found that we feel needs attention from a vet, we will let you know. But please note we are not vets. If you are worried about your rabbit, we recommend you take them to a rabbit savvy vet.It’s strongly advised that you check your rabbits on a regular basis at home and monitor their weight weekly. Losing weight is the first indication that something may be wrong with your bun.

Book your bun in for a groom

We'd love for you to book your rabbit in for it's 4-6 weekly groom. If you have any questions, please email Jojo here> otherwise, book in your bunny grooming below.

Bunny grooming rates

Fees may vary for rabbits that are badly matted.

Nail clipping                                  $25.00

Long haired groom

One long haired rabbit


Two long haired rabbits


Grooming rates include:

  • Clipping

  • De-matting

  • Nail clipping

  • Body check

  • Scent glands

Short haired groom 

One rabbit


Grooming rate includes:

  • Brushing

  • Nail clipping

  • Body check

  • Scent glands

If your rabbit needs a hygiene trim around back legs, tail, and groin, it will be an extra $50.00. Severe matting may have an extra charge.

Best practice for long-haired buns

We advise you to give your long-haired bunny 4-6 weekly clippings. It is also recommended to invest in some good brushes to keep the matting controlled.

BEFORE                         AFTER

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