A rabbit's diet is important

We stick to the following dietary rules to ensure your bunny is happy and healthy.

Daily food allowance
Unlimited hay and grass
1 cup of safe fresh greens or weeds
1 eggcup of pallets per 2.3kg rabbit

Extra treats
We use Forage NZ and BlueBelle's Bunny Bakery Ltd treats at The Bunny Bach.

If you want to give your bun the treats from the treat list, this should be half a thumb size 2-3 times a week.

All buns are given an apple stick to chew on.

To see a full list of safe green vegetables and weeds, click here.

Give your bun the best life in 6 easy steps

1. Diet

A rabbit’s diet should consist of 80% hay. They need excellent quality hay to encourage ample hay eating. This will keep their teeth and gut healthy. At The Bunny Bach we sell amazing quality hay. The profits made from hay sales go towards feeding buns rescued by Raining Rabbits Rescue NZ buns, a great cause that we love supporting! You should buy quality pellets and only giving 1/8 cup per 2.4kg body weight. This is very affordable if you give the right amount of pellets. A cup of bunny safe greens a day (veggies or weeds). It's best to give them some variety by changing what you give them regularly. Here you will see a list of bun safe greens and weeds.

2. Use a rabbit savvy vet

We only recommend Dr Kezia Lockhart at Care Vets Mt Wellington, Pet Doctors at St Luke’s and Ellerslie Vet Clinic. Some vets claim they know about rabbits, but they simply aren’t rabbit savvy. Going to a rabbit savvy vet will save you money as they’ll accurately diagnose earlier and give you much better advice on rabbit care to prevent illnesses happening. E.g. De-sexing is pivotal for healthy and happy rabbits.

3. Housing

Rabbits cannot live in hutches or small areas. They need space just like cats and dogs. They do zoomies like dogs and if you haven’t seen your rabbit binky, it’s most likely because they don’t have the space to. Please reach out to us if you need help with this.

4. Enrichment

Like any animal, rabbits need enrichment to keep them stimulated and entertained. This will prevent them getting bored and becoming destructive. We can help you with ideas, and you can find a lot of inspiration on sites like Pinterest.

5. Company

Rabbits are social animals and really need a friend. You may give them lots of attention but they’re nocturnal animals and need a friend at night-time. Nothing beats a mate of their own kind. Bonding rabbits correctly is very important. Please reach out if you need help or advice.

6. Hock care

Rabbits don’t have padding on their hocks and need good flooring to prevent sore hocks. Foam mats and towels over the mats are ideal! Cutting their nails every 6 weeks is pivotal to keep sore hocks at bay.

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