Bunny Bonding

Rabbits love company and are happier if they have constant companionship with another bunny they've bonded with. Are you thinking about getting a second bunny? They can be very territorial so, whilst it isn't uncommon to have two male or female bunnies, you're better off having one of each sex. Regardless of their sex, please ensure they have been de-sexed before any introduction takes place.It's very important to ensure you bond your rabbits effectively and safely - taking your time with the process. There are recommended guidelines that should be conscientiously followed, with patience and care, for a successful bonding. This is why we've introduced Bunny Bonding at The Bunny Bach. So we can help you have two rabbits who get on well, don't fight and love each other very much.If you have any questions regarding having your buns bonded at The Bunny Bach, please get in touch with Jojo here> 

Bunny Bonding at The Bunny Bach

Bonding two rabbits is only $70.00 per night. There are no hidden fees or extras, so you know exactly what you're signing up to.This includes all that is necessary to bond your bunnies.

  • Bonding dates

  • Bonding sleepovers

Drop-off & Collection Rules

Please note that these rules strictly apply to all bunnies being bonded and late collections will incur an additional charge of $40

Drop-off times: After 1pm

Drop-offs are only allowed after 1pm onwards, unless prior arrangement
has been made with The Bunny Bach for an earlier drop-off.

Collection times: Before 11am

Collections must be made before 11am unless prior arrangement is made with
The Bunny Bach for a later collection time.


Your bunny loves a good grooming and if it has long hair, we advise to give your rabbit 6 weekly grooms. This prevents matting and helps keep the genitals, anus, and scent glands clean. You can find out more about grooming services at The Bunny Bach here>

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